Lawn Care Basics for Each Season

The best lawn is a properly maintained and manicured one. So if you are seeking out some helpful lawn care tips to make sure your lawn looks and feels its best, you’ve come to the right place. What some homeowners don’t realize is that a beautiful lawn is a year-round endeavor. You need to implement some important lawn care steps every season or else you risk the health and well-being of your grass.

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The temperatures are warmer, summer is on the horizon, and your grass is starting to grow. Before you know it, you’ll need to get out your lawn mower and start maintaining the lawn. You will need to start watering the lawn and you can be sure the weather will be part of that equation.

Just be careful not to mow the lawn when it’s still wet, it’s not good for the grass as it might spread disease that can make your lawn sick. The wet clippings are potentially damaging to the mower as well and could leave you with repairs or replacement costs to deal with after.

Fertilizer is also important in the springtime and you should aerate the lawn to allow that fertilizer and water to get at the roots of your grass.


Now is the time of year when you will need to do the most comprehensive lawn care. You should be considerate as to how short you cut your grass when you mow. While you should be mowing on a regular basis, you do want to let the grass grow out just a bit. That will allow the roots to penetrate deeper and reduce the number of weeds that pop up in between.

You will also want to water the lawn a little less frequently. Don’t set a sprinkler to moisten the grass, it can actually stunt root growth. During the summertime, you should give the lawn about an inch of water every week.

Be sure to clean your mower about once or twice a month to keep from spreading any disease around the lawn and jeopardizing its health.

If you have a dog, be sure you pick up any droppings that are left behind in your yard. Pet feces can kill grass if left there long enough. Not only can it ruin the look of your lawn it’s not very hygienic for your family to play in the backyard. Hire DoodyCalls to keep your lawn free of pet waste and keep it looking clean and healthy.


Now that the nights are getting shorter and the temperatures getting cooler, you need to be careful about clearing out fallen leaves and branches and sticks and other detritus from trees and shrubs. These elements can provide nourishment to your lawn if you mulch it all up and spread it around.

This is the time to apply more fertilizer to your grass as the winter months are on approach. The lawn will hold on to these nutrients throughout the duration of the winter as the grass becomes dormant and the snow piles up. But this will give your lawn a head-start on regrowth when the warm weather returns once more next year.

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