How to Keep the Carpets in Your Home Clean When You Have Pets and Kids

For homes with pets and kids, keeping your carpet clean can be tough. Spilled drinks, dirty shoes, dirty paws, and pet accidents are just a few of the things that are threatening to ruin your carpet with stubborn stains and foul odors that can linger longer than you might expect.

That is, unless you call in your local professional carpet cleaning st marys to take care of that expensive floor covering. These messes and accidents need not be permanent with expert care given to your carpeting every once or twice a year.

But it’s not just about getting professional attention for your carpets, it’s also about adopting good routine maintenance habits that can help to preserve the look and feel of your carpeting in between those expert cleanings.

Routine Vacuuming

The best recourse for eliminating the daily influx of dirt, grime, bacteria, and germs is by vacuuming your carpet at least once a week. If your home has a lot of foot (and paw) traffic going back and forth across it on a routine basis, then you may want to do it two times a week.

Although vacuums can mostly reach dry soil and pet hair, it’s imperative that you lift these things from the carpet fibers because allowing them to remain longer than necessary can actually damage the fibers by cutting into them each time someone steps on the carpet. When that dirt and grit physically impacts the fibers, the damaged area can start to look like a dark stain on the carpet. That is not a stain you will ever be able to lift because it’s not a stain but damage done to the fibers.

Shoes Off

Homes that implement a “no shoes in the house” policy tend to have much cleaner carpets because less of the things that get stuck to shoes end up on your carpeting fibers. This is particularly important for homes with children because, let’s face it, kids don’t watch where they step and one foot in a muddy puddle can cause big problems for your carpets.

Consider all of the other places your kids go throughout the day and now think about them tracking all of the dirt and bacteria from those locations into your home and onto the carpet. You may decide that a shoes-off policy is the way to go.

Clean Paws

It’s not just your kids who are stepping in and around things you don’t want brought into the house. Your pets are also walking through places and things that are best left off your carpet. When you take your dog for a walk, be sure to wipe those paws before letting your pup back near the carpet. For cats, the litter box has all kinds of germs and bacteria that you can’t allow to live in the carpet.

Wiping those paws is just as important as keeping the kids from wearing their shoes in the house. In both cases, you can keep the carpets in your home cleaner for much longer.

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