Restoration & cleaning companies and Coronavirus

The hot topic everywhere these days is the coronavirus… a virus that occurred suddenly and got the whole world into its killer trap. Almost all the countries have closed their borders and even cities are on lockdowns. Majority of the industries and sectors are suffering due to this pandemic. However, healthcare and cleaning companies are among the industries that are earning a lot these days. Restoration cleaning companies are working in offices, hospitals, public areas and transport facilities to get these places disinfected from all the contamination especially the much talked about coronavirus.

Where some industries are benefiting from it, the most affected community is that of daily wagers. Households who are daily wagers are unable to earn their bread and butter due to lockdowns. They are unable to meet their daily needs and thus are in a lot of trouble. In this situation, it is the duty of rich people, NGOs, charity companies and big corporations to come and help the needy class. Relief funds should also be arranged for their help.

Among those who are at highest risk in this situation are health care workers, doctors, paramedic staff, janitorial staff and cleaning persons. It is very important to provide them with all the required knowledge, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits and other required material. These sectors are giving their maximum in this time of crisis. They are putting their lives at risk and are doing everything to keep others safe. Although their work demands a lot of attention but in a situation like this, their responsibility has increased and it required a whole lot of more concentration. It takes a lot of care to disinfect everything properly. You need to take care of many things like the protective suit you are wearing, you need to make sure you have worn it properly and no area is exposed to the germs. You need to clean all the area properly. It is also important to use the cleaning equipment and chemicals carefully. Disposing of the garbage and wastes properly is very important also. Cleaning services are looking at a huge responsibility at this time of pandemic. Updated training should be given to the staff to fight this virus. It is also very necessary to clean up their selves after they have disinfected any given area.

Apart from the cleaning companies, it is the responsibility of everyone to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. People should maintain a safe distance from each other, avoid social gatherings, wash hands on regular basis, keep an eye on their overall health, maintain a healthy life style and clean the houses on daily basis. As there is no cure of the disease yet, it is everyone’s’ responsibility to acquire all the necessary precautions to avoid it.

This pandemic is not causing health issues but psychological problems are also arising. Governments should arrange psychologists because once this chaos is over; people will need such kind of therapies also.

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