Different No-Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

You want to stay in cool in the summer, we want to help you stay cool in the summer by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. HVAC systems that run more efficiently are more effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature while operating for shorter periods of time so you aren’t forced to spend exorbitant amounts of money on your utility bills just to keep cool.

So let your friends at Independence AC repair help you run your system more efficiently by implementing these easy, no cost methods for achieving that goal.

Check the Condenser

That unit located outside is your condenser and the best way to increase your system’s efficiency is to make sure nothing has accumulated on or around it. This might include things like tall grass, fallen branches and leaves, even random debris and caked-on grime and dirt can significantly impact your air conditioning efficiency.

Maintain Your Vents

Do a search around your home and take a look at the condition of your vents in every room. Do you see any vents that are blocked by furniture or other furnishings, such as window blinds or curtains? Are the vents clean and free of dust, debris, and other obstructions that might prevent the uninterrupted flow of air throughout the home. The bottom line here is that your vents should be kept totally clear so your cool air can get to the places where you need it most.

Reduce the Heat

Your thermostat is designed to sense the temperature in the home and turn the system on and off automatically when it detects that your interior air has gotten warmer. That’s why you want to keep any lamps and appliances or devices that emanate heat when they are operational away from the thermostat. That warmth could be affecting the thermostat sensor, telling the unit that the air still needs to be cooled down and that means your air conditioner will run for much longer than need be.

Close Your Window Coverings

Another way to reduce the amount of heat that can get in the house and trigger your air conditioner to remain running longer than necessary is to close the blinds or curtains over windows that receive direct sunlight during the day. Allowing that warmth to emanate into the home will only make it hotter and that will prevent your air conditioner from shutting down. Determine when the sun is hottest and close those window coverings at that time.

Watch the Drain Line

The drain line is located near the indoor cooling coil and it should be kept clear at all times. Otherwise you run the risk of the system from flooding your basement in the event the drain becomes backed up. A good way to clear your drain line and leave it open is by flushing the drain with a cup of chlorine followed by a gallon of water. Doing this at least once, before the temperatures start to rise, can keep the drain line free and clean for the entire summer.

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