Popular Types of Modern Furniture  

Interior design can either be a very fun, very satisfying process, or a costly headache that will not go away. Developing a style requires a budget, a general idea of what you want, and at least a mid-level understanding of basic styles. Modern furniture for instance is very popular right now. Owning a few pieces definitely adds value to your home or commercial space. Having modern furniture can impress prospective clients, garner positive attention, and allow for personal expression. There are a wide variety of sub-genres however, and it can be very easy to get lost amongst the shuffle. This is why if your going to undertake a modern design, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the different types of modern furniture.

Classic Style

Modern furniture first made an appearance in the late 19th Century and classic style focuses exclusively on that period. Many define this as the art portion of the modern furniture world. This type of furniture is decorated with flowers, story scenes, or vegetables. The details are carved and inlaid. The overall feel still holds practicality with an industrial influence, but the combination of furniture pieces gives the room an antique feel. In fact it may be that many of the pieces you acquire might just be antiques.


Rustic style is very crude and rough. The overall feel is manly. Rustic modern furniture uses structure elements. The pieces can be made of leather, trunks, logs, branches, or pieces of iron. A table might be a glass pane sitting atop a jagged tree trunk. The walls of the room might have brick veneers placed over them with crude covering for the lighting. This is the type of style you see in hunting lodges, and it makes one feel like they are outside instead of in. Rustic’s barbaric quality is great for mountain locations.

Modern Minimalist

This is the modern style most people think of when they think modern style. Minimalist plays the simplicity. The style embraces space. Minimalist furniture is practical, simple, and made in geometric shapes. Some of these pieces can see quite strange but hold a functional use. Stationary open cubes handing on the wall that holds books and other accoutrements. A desk comprised of a one long jagged line of wood that arcs in rectangles. It holds the computer, with a space for the keyboard, and then continues on the wall beside above your head to hold books. Minimalist does not incorporate much scenery, surfaces are mostly clean and bar. If there is something atop a counter it has an immediate use. This is a city style, good for modern furniture Miami. 


Retro style is a fun style because you essentially build a time machine. A lot of retro styles focus on the sixties and seventies. This means collecting furniture from that period, using the popular colors from the period, the patterns, and even finding shag carpeting. Once everything is assembled the space looks like a time capsule.

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