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Around the planet, millions of households have fur. The implementation base of leather is massive, from furniture to vehicle seating to leather jackets. To secure these interests, proper care is necessary. There is an enormous gap in information about the right way to care for and maintain clothing. The vacuum must be filled with professional Leather Technicians representing their local market. These are the foundations of a weeping need to be answered. There are franchise systems that cost the contract several thousands of dollars. A better answer to Advanced Leather Solutions.

This starts with a training program for leather repair and reconstruction. We’ve built a “Company in a Box” model that doesn’t require a huge front-end commitment to get into the lucrative business or fix and replace clothing. You will become a professional leather technician able to tap into this growing market with our software. Speak of all the luxury furniture houses, all the leather in trucks, and leather clothing. Everyone is a potential opportunity for sales. You need to be trained with the right knowledge to be a successful Leather Technician. The learning process continues with our training program’s essential elements.

THE BASICS OF Clothing Rehabilitation Mission Principle—-This course is meant for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of clothing. At the end of the course, the instructor will have a basic understanding of how to navigate a problem, establish a repair plan, and undertake the appropriate steps to build the most efficient solution possible.

Requires the lesson—-1. A fully equipped mobile level technical package with electrical wiring installed in to assist the included generator, top-of – the-line airbrushing tools, heat gun of professional quality, etc. The package also contains all the other equipment and chemicals needed to repair broken leather. This is the same package used by our repair technicians. Over the past 23 years, our technicians have grown from field fixes to be as accurate, effective and comprehensive as practicable a repair kit.

  1. 3 1/2 days of practical training with each participant working from their personal kit. For more than 21 years, the lead teacher has restored leather furniture, effectively restoring thousands of broken items of leather furniture. The course takes this deep practical experience and gives it to every pupil.
  2. One hundred and eighty page Field Guide by Leather Technician detailing the course material. It’s written in an easy-to-read, organized fashion. As the specific techniques are all well documented in the training guide, the attendant can focus on the hands-on activities without having to take notes.
  3. Our dedication to helping the follow-up cell. Our technical support team is ready to answer any questions and help in any way possible when it comes back to the job to solve the problems encountered by the attendant.
  4. A 3-year access to our DVD-based training modules catalog.
  5. Customer relationship issues are discussed in order to provide the repair technician with clear solutions to the consumer’s difficult questions.
  6. Certification as a qualified specialist of leather.
  7. An attendant will carry different leather issues they may have faced to the class and see how they are handled by our technicians.

This software is basically a definition of “Company in a Package.” It has none of a franchise’s financial burdens and geographical constraints that can cost more than a thousand dollars. Ask us for updates by email: Kevin@ADVLeather.com or by phone at 510-786-6059 in the United States.

Kevin Gillan is Advanced Leather Products, Inc. General Manager. Operation and Services are two groups. We are interested in the repair and renovation of leather furniture, vehicle parts and leather clothes. With 23 years in this company and more than 2,000 sales per year, with our clients, I and my team of technicians have a deep experience in addressing leather related issues. We are the products supplier that we use in the cycle of rebuilding and replacing. Through our preparation, goods and experience, we help the skilled leather repair and restoration industry. To our loyal customers across North America and beyond, we have a complete line of leather care products and a fully developed DoIt Yourself leather restoration program.

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