How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

We cannot deny that bed bug bites are irritating and itchy but it can get worse if not treated immediately. Bed bug bites can last within a matter of days or a week. In the worst-case scenario, others tend to respond seriously to bed bug bites particularly if they experience more severe symptoms such as allergic reaction and infection.

Bed bug bites come in the form of red swollen marks—around 3 to 5 bite marks—appearing in clusters, in a straight line, or in a zigzag pattern in various parts of your body such as the face, arms, legs, neck, and hands. Each bite contains a dark spot at the center.

Bed Bug Bites Remedies

Wondering if there is a proper way not to get away from those bed bug bites? Here are suggestions that you can follow to avoid you from suffering these bed bug bites and permanently put this misery to an end as soon as you can

  1. Clean and apply cold compress. Washing with soap and water not only helps in relieving itchiness but also prevents the bites from getting infected. After disinfecting the bitten area, you may also apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth over the bites to soothe the itch or discomfort.
  2. Apply cream and keep it moisturized. You can use calamine lotion or cream (i.e. corticosteroid) and even essential oils to the bites to relieve itch. These are initial treatments that can be done at home for minor wounds as the medicine can also be bought over the counter with no prescription required. However, you have the liberty to consult your dermatologist or doctor regarding treatments that will soothe you from any discomfort.
  3. Do not scratch it. Because of the itch that comes with the bites, it is understandable that you get tempted to scratch your skin. However, this can lead to inflammation and serious skin infection. Clean the wound and apply  anti itch cream everytime it feels itchy.
  4. Ask for oral medication for severe allergic reactions. If you have severe swelling and a bad reaction to bed bug bites, take antihistamines, adrenaline, or corticosteroid—depending on what you used to take. In the worst case scenario that you experience the loss of breath, go to your nearest hospital where you can get a shot to prevent anaphylactic attack.
  5. Consult the doctor if infection occurs. As prescribed, you may be asked to take antibiotic and antiseptic drugs or apply cream for infected bites. Make sure that you only take what is prescribed and refrain from DIY treatments especially when your wounds are being infected.

Get away with Bed Bugs

Moreover, once you detect the presence of bed bugs inside your home, you need to take measures immediately to prevent their population from increasing further. If you realize that you have bed bug infestation at home, the basic step you have to take is to thoroughly check your surroundings and those areas in the house where these insects normally reside or hide. Another wise thing to do is call a bed bug exterminator where they can perform heat treatment that can eliminate all stages of bed bug life permanently. This way, you are not only protecting your home from infestation, you are also keeping yourself from anxiety and stress that come with bed bug bites.


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